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The Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of Udine (AILAB Udine) was founded in 1984 by Professor Carlo Tasso with the aim of producing research in the areas of knowledge-based systems, user modeling, personalization of Web sites and portals, intelligent interfaces for information retrieval and information filtering, enterprise information portals for knowledge management, e-learning and information sharing. The laboratory has a 30 years long history of innovation and active support to local activities.

Prospective PHD Students

If you are a prospective student interested in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning Research at the Universirty of Udine, please read about our Ph.D. admissions process and contact us (Carlo Tasso and Giuseppe Serra). If you are applying to our Ph.D. course in Computer Science and are interested in our research, please state this in your statement of purpose.

Argumentation mining

Argumentation mining

Argumentation is the discipline that studies the way in which humans debate and articulate their opinions and beliefs. Argumentation mining […]

Logo of Artificial Intelligence Laboratory @ University of Udine

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