AI Lab

Artificial Intelligence Laboratory @ University of Udine


The Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of Udine (AILAB Udine) was founded in 1984 by Professor Carlo Tasso with the aim of producing research in the areas of knowledge-based systems, user modeling, personalization of Web sites and portals, intelligent interfaces for information retrieval and information filtering, enterprise information portals for knowledge management, e-learning and information sharing. The laboratory has a 30 years long history of innovation and active support to local activities.

Research Activity

AILAB Udine is currently involved in research activities in the fields of Natural Language Processing, Semantic Web, and Big Data Analysis.

Teaching Activity

The laboratory is currently involved in several courses offered by the University of Udine, such as Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, and Web Content Personalization. Moreover it offers support for thesis, laboratory, and stage activities for students.