ADE Extraction at EACL21

Thanks to our continuous research on Adverse Drug Event Extraction, we will be at EACL 2021 (19th – 23rd April, 2021) with our latest paper: “BERT Prescriptions to Avoid Unwanted Headaches: A Comparison of Transformer Architectures for Adverse Drug Event Detection“ We explore the capabilities of wide variety of BERT-based architectures on the task of ADE extraction from social media texts.In particular we focus on the use of in-domain knowledge during pretraining, answering the question on whether (and which extent) it can actually help in this scenario, and giving some useful “prescriptions” for future research on this field. Research Group– Beatrice Portelli (AILAB-Udine) – Edoardo Lenzi (AILAB-Udine) – Simone Scaboro (AILAB-Udine) – Giuseppe Serra (AILAB-Udine) – Emmanuele Chersoni (Hong Kong Polytechnic University) – Enrico Santus (Bayer) Featured pages– ADE extraction project at AILAB-Udine– ADE at AILAB-Udine: top results on SMM4H’19